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Medicine Lake Tours is a Twin Cities based company that offers trips for preformed groups.  They service group leaders, putting together all the details for their trip program.  Group travel offers a secure and relaxing way to visit exciting places with like-minded people.
One Day Tours - Board a motor coach and take in sightseeing attractions, theater performances, cultural events, boat cruises, train rides, wildlife encounters, gardens, historic sites, art galleries, sports events, shopping and more.  Fellowship with co-travelers and enjoy dining together on a one day trip.
Overnight Trips - The five-state region offers a variey of destinations for a short vacation.  The sponsoring group will decide on an itinerary designed just for them.  Lodge at moderate hotels, deluxe properties or select value priced accommodations.  The trip theme can be anything from regional foods, to house of worship or agriculture interests.  Each community in the Midwest offers a learning experience in people groups, architecture, artisanship and hospitality.
Extended Tour Packages - Visit those once-in-a-lifetime places as a group.  Travel by rail, in motor coach comfort, aboard a luxury cruise ship or take a scheduled flight to your selected vacation spot.  A customized schedule will fit the group's interest.  Plan a relaxed format with individual opportunities or schedule all-inclusive days for your customer base.  Going places together is a healing experience. 
Ski/Snowboard Trips for Youth Groups - Trips range from weekend ski trips to Spirit Mountain,, Lutsen Mountains, Giants Ridge, Upper Michigan and Thunder Bay to a get-a-way to the Rocky Mountains in Colorado and Montana.
Receptive Services - Tour Operators from around America look to Medicine Lake Tours for expertise when planning trips for their groups traveling to Minnesota and the Midwest.
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